How we do it.

  • Listening & Understanding

    We start by
    Listening + Understanding

    Business Research

    We talk to stakeholders involved to understand the business objectives, providing us with insights into how digital strategies can be leveraged.

    Digital Strategy

    We work with you to put in place digital road maps to plan out your engagement journey and review it quarterly, adjusting it to emerging trends.


    We define with you the success attributes of the project and put in place KPIs and benchmarks that will be used throughout the project.

  • The user in mind

    We create with
    the user in mind

    User Research

    We define with you the target audience of the project and conduct interviews or surveys to determine what they are looking to achieve online.

    Web Design

    We put on our user hat when designing websites to understand the users navigational behavior and thought process to create user centric design concepts.

    User Testing

    We make sure we get it right by doing a mock up of the design for testing and monitoring their experience following it up with enhancements to improve their online experience.

  • Uncompromising quality

    We build with
    uncompromising quality

    Web Standards

    We built websites based on best practices and coding standards, keeping the code optimal for search engine optimisation, performance and security.

    Mobile First

    We use a mobile first approach, tailoring the vital elements for mobile platforms before progressively enhancing the experience for larger screens.

    Content Management Systems

    When we build one for your website, we make sure it is built to be as simple as possible following your business processes so that it fits into the way you work.

  • We do it all over again

    And when it's done,
    we do it all over again

    Analytics & Review

    Every visit to the website provides insights to what the users are doing and we use these findings to provide recommendations to improve user engagement.

    Iterative Approach

    We breakdown large scale projects into “mini-phases”, creating a rapid evolution of the organisation’s website through an iterative testing and launch cycle.

    Continuous Improvements

    We don’t stop at launch. We continuously advice and recommend strategies that will put your organisation at the forefront of digital engagement.

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